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Compare the Best GMAT Study Guides

Compare Best Study Guides ACT GMAT SATA great GMAT study guide is extremely important for not only the self-preppers out there, but also for people who are looking for that extra boost to get them that desired GMAT score.  Whatever your needs are, we have you covered.  Check out our GMAT study guide compare page where we list out some of the best resources available to you on the market.

Compare | Best GMAT Study Guides

Best GMAT Prep Courses & Study Guides

Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep is considered to have some of the best GMAT prep courses for many reasons! 

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Manhattan Prep

Manhattan is another great company and also has many reasons as to why their courses are considered to be the best GMAT prep courses

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Kaplan Test PrepKaplan has been a leader in the test prep industry for decades and is just one of the many reasons why their test prep is viewed to have some of the best GMAT prep courses

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The Princeton ReviewThe Princeton Review is another option and to some is seen as having the best GMAT prep courses!  

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Manhattan Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set

Manhattan Complete Strategy Guide Set – 6th Edition: $240 

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Veritas GMAT Course Set Study Guides  Veritas GMAT Course Set: $250 

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Total GMAT Math Study Material by GMAT Hacks

Total GMAT Math by GMAT Hacks: Paperback-$59.95 eBook-$49.95 

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Total GMAT Verbal Prep Guide by GMAT HacksTotal GMAT Verbal by GMAT Hacks: Paperback-$59.95 eBook-$49.95

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Why Admissions Relies on the GMAT Exam

GMAT scores are a good predictor of a student’s success in a graduate business program.In this video, Amanda Barth, Director, MBA Admissions, The College of William & Mary, Mason School of Business, explains why graduate business admissions professionals value the GMAT exam as a predictor of classroom success (

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What is the Best GMAT Prep Course?

Choosing the best GMAT prep course is extremely important and is unfortunately overlooked by many.  We feel like a majority of people think every GMAT prep course on the market offers similar content and are of similar quality.  However, the best GMAT prep courses are considerably different from the rest.  Below are some things you need to be considering prior to purchasing a GMAT prep course.

Does the GMAT Prep Course Fit your Learning Needs?

Top GMAT Prep Courses Importance Rating –

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One of the most important factors in determining what the best GMAT prep course is for you is to first determine what GMAT prep course is going to fit well with your learning needs.  If you are the type of person that absolutely needs an instructor and a live classroom interaction, then you want to make sure you purchase a live GMAT prep course.  Don’t purchase an online option just because it’s a few hundred dollars.  However, if you are the type of person who learns well on their own, then a basic online GMAT course might be the best GMAT prep course for you.  We have the best options listed throughout this website that you can explore!

Does the GMAT Prep Course Contain Quality Content?

Top GMAT Prep Courses Importance Rating – [usr 5]

To be considered one of the best GMAT prep courses, it must have quality content.  Creating content for a GMAT prep course, study guide, or practice question is a significant cost to the GMAT prep course companies.  When you see a GMAT prep course that is one third the cost of the one offered by the more well known company, then a red flag should be going off in your mind.  There is typically a reason why it’s incredibly cheaper, and the lack of quality content is a likely possibility.  Put your mind at ease and utilize our reviews of the best GMAT prep course companies to help you ensure that you are getting quality content.

Does the GMAT Prep Course Fit Your Lifestyle?

Top GMAT Prep Courses Importance Rating – [usr 5]

If you have an incredibly busy schedule due to your job, children, hobbies, or anything in-between, then you need to seriously weigh out all your GMAT prep course options and ensure you are purchasing one that will fit well into your life.  Companies such as Veritas Prep, that we completed a full review of, offer various different GMAT prep course options.  You can check those options out on the Veritas Prep GMAT prep course review page within this website along with the other companies that we consider to be the best GMAT prep course companies on the market.

Will the GMAT Prep Course Have a Highly Qualified GMAT Instructor?

Top GMAT Prep Courses Importance Rating – [usr 5]

Within our detailed reviews on this website we highlight the minimum requirements for instructors that are required from the best GMAT prep course companies.  Those requirements are extremely strict and are an important reason as to why they are considered to have some of the best GMAT prep courses on the market.  Some of the more inexpensive options out there just won’t have the same level of instruction.  Some might, but you always want to make sure you’re getting a highly qualified GMAT instructor.

What is the GMAT Prep Course Company Track Record?

Top GMAT Prep Courses Importance Rating – [usr 5]

Typically, the best GMAT prep course companies on the market have been on the market for quite some time and have proven their product over time.  You might find a GMAT prep course offered at an extremely low cost by a small start up company, but you need to really make sure you understand what you’re paying for.  That’s not to say there aren’t good quality start ups out there, because there are.  However, you need to fully understand their track record prior to purchasing.  You can be assured that the best GMAT prep course companies have been listed and identified throughout this website.  Use our listings and research to your advantage!

All these factors are extremely important in choosing the best GMAT prep course!  This website is strategically designed to provide you with answers to questions such as these to guide you toward the best GMAT prep course  for you.  Please keep in mind that the best GMAT prep course for one person might not necessarily be the best GMAT prep course for the next person.  With that being said, keep in mind what your friends have recommended to you, but remember that their learning needs might be significantly different than yours.

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